Video Streaming UI Evolution

Project Overview

While employed at Massive Interactive, we were engaged by a video streaming service create a concept for a scalable UI framework. This UI must support a business model expansion into providing multiple streaming channels.

Another focus point was to reposition the product and content to address negative customer perception of the company as a ‘rip-off’ and ‘poor man’s Netflix’ through making clear the value proposition and being transparent with pricing.

My Role

  • Form interview questions
  • Participate in workshops
  • Competitive analysis
  • Form design pillars
  • Form personas
  • Create user flows
  • Responsive design
  • Static wireframes
  • Axure prototyping for TV
  • Presentation of WIPs to client


Stakeholder interviews

Conducted in person and over the phone to determine business goals, gain insights into customer sentiments and understand how this UI evolution might help stakeholders.

Analysis of customer surveys

Analysed the results of 5 surveys, including current customers and exit surveys for the different customer segments. These provided valuable insights into customer perception of the company and pain points.

Designing for TV

Designing for TV: Best practices

Looking at similar past projects where intensive research was conducted, we pulled useful insights on TV design best practices that were also applicable to this project.

Designing for TV


Creative Facilitation Workshop

This was conducted following the discover phase with the purpose of collating research data. The participants included internal staff and a client stakeholder. We took in our notes from the discover phase and translated these to post it notes individually. We then came together as a team to identify major trends and grouped these according.

Creative facilitation


People are inherently lazy, especially during the 10ft TV experience. They would rather watch what is put in front of them than browse for something better. So let’s make the content following the app launch content as relevant as possible.

Many customers did not understand the pricing model and felt scammed by the company. Netflix has set the expectation that there is a flat price for access to all content. Our challenge was to improve pricing transparency, especially during sign up.

Stakeholders were focused on differentiating the product from competitors. Innovation of UI components was therefore a big focus of this project.

On butchers paper, we further organised these insights into objectives listed out possible ways to address them. We prioritised these ideas as a team.

Sketching Workshop

Sketching workshop

With our key objective areas and strategic pillars in place, we were ready to get creative and start sketching out UI ideas. We individually sketched out our ideas and then came together to discuss what we thought would work best for this project.

We decided these areas would be the focus of the UI

Personalisation of content as a differentiator – Netflix is known for endless browsing, let’s anticipate what the user needs based on time, profiles and behaviour, with playful copy.

An easy to understand IA – transparency around what is transactional vs. what is subscription content.

Focus on the Australian market – tailor copy, tone of voice and visual branding to the Aussie market. This is in contrast to direct competitors such as Netflix and Roku.


Following the sketching workshop, we created mid-fidelity wireframes and prototyped where necessary to show interactions. Below are samples for what I produced.