Member Portal Redesign

Project Overview

This research company measures and provides input into TV viewing patterns. The research sample represents an accurate snapshot of the Australian population. In return for allowing the company to monitor viewing habits, selected members (referred to as 'panelists') are able to redeem gifts, much like frequent flyer points, via a portal.

This project was completed while I was employed by Massive Interactive. I was responsible for redesigning the portal to make it modern and responsive, and for providing recommendations for improved workflows.

My Role

  • Comparative analysis
  • Form personas & strategic pillars
  • High-level content strategy
  • Responsive design
  • Form design
  • Low-fidelity prototype
  • Collaboration with visual designer
  • Presentation of WIPs to client

Discovery & Definition

Stakeholder interviews

Two kick-off meetings were held with the client tech teams, customer service and operations staff. They emphasised issues with inefficient, manual business processes and an outdated front-end. The customer service staff provided invaluable insights into customer sentiments.

In addition to these issues, the client also wanted to increase panelist retention and satisfaction with the rewards program.

Problem statement: the member portal creates high administrative burden for staff, has low user engagement, a lack of self-service functions and small reach through a reliance on printed forms.

Forming the Personas & Design Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

To gain more insights into the users, I referred to reports produced from the company's research teams that provided information on panelist demographics and behaviours.

High-level personas and Design Guiding Principles were produced to ensure the UI design remained user-centered.

Comparative Analysis

Four best-practice examples were identified through a comparative analysis of similar programs.

Comparative analysis: TV Needs You
Comparative analysis: National Consumer Panel


IA restructure

The IA was restructured to focus on making it easy to redeem gifts and increase user engagement through the introduction of a dynamic dashboard.


Form/survey design

A major component of this project was to translate the paper forms into digital. The design focused on hiding the complexitiy from the user through logic/piping and making it human.

Survey concept

Axure Wireframes

Once the IA and conceptual wireframes were agreed on with the client, I produced wireframes of the proposed new portal. These wireframes were refined upon client feedback through work in progress presentations. The client was overall very satisfied with the wireframes with minimal changes requested.

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