Jam by Allans Billy Hyde

Project Overview

Allans Billy Hyde is one of Australia’s largest music equipment providers. They want to establish themselves as a major player in the digital space for local musicians by designing a new minimum viable product to help musicians connect and collaborate. We were engaged to design this new product and provide design recommendations.

My Role

  • User interviews
  • Survey development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Persona creation
  • User flows
  • Feature prioritisation
  • Rapid sketching
  • Usability testing
  • Wireframes (AXURE)
  • Visual design
  • Presentation to client

Discovery & Definition

Establish the problem

Problem statement: determine what 'connect and collaborate' means to musicians and find a solution to meet associated needs and pain points.

User research

User interview with Allan's Billy Hyde employee

User research

  • We interviewed 6 musicians including a band manager, amatuers and band mates.
  • We also sent out a survey with 30 responses received, mostly from music students.
  • 3 personas were created from the research.

Research insights

Analysing the research with my project partner Our room full of post-it notes - all 4 walls!
The two most common pain points were finding like-minded musicians to collaborate with and finding spaces to jam in.
Collaboration is still very much a face-to-face activity, Allans Billy Hyde should aim to facilitate it, not replace it with an online solution.
Allans Billy Hyde should target beginners or students as they are more likely to seek support online as opposed to established musicians who already have a strong network.


Feature priorisation matrix

Feature prioritsation matrix

We matched possible solutions to need and pain points. Once we verified that they were useful, we transferred them on a feature priorisation matrix.

This was useful for determining a minimum viable product (MVP) and for planning possible phase 2 elements.

Rapid Sketching

Sketching on the whiteboard

We did a series of whiteboard sketches to allow use to conduct usability testing and make quick changes. What we sketched:

  1. A user flow with basic information architecture (IA) elements to test if it made sense to musicians
  2. More detailed screens with user interface (UI) elements, we were able to test this with fellow designers and developers to see if we were using the right conventions

We came up with 2 main user flows - finding a musician and finding a jam space.


Interactive wireframes were developed using AXURE.

Wireframes thumbnail

Visual Design

Some visual design concepts were mocked up to bring the designs to life.

Visual design concepts

Delivery and Next Steps

The research and MVP was presented. For this iteration, Allans Billy Hyde should aim to provide social value only and provide a useful service to local musicians. If the product is successful and obtains more users, we recommend the following to make Jam profitable:

  • Promoting and selling Allans Billy Hyde equipment and music lessons
  • Forming partnerships and sponsoring jam spaces
  • Implementing a booking system to automate the booking process