ASX Online

Project Overview

The ASX Online portal is a tool that ASX-listed companies must use to report their status. It is also used to keep up-to-date on what’s happening on the market and to access resources to help businesses remain compliant.

The portal was out-dated and frustrating to use. Our goal in this project was to improve the user experience by making it quicker to use and more personalised, modernise the visual design and migrate the portal to Adobe Experience Manager.

Problem statement: I need to quickly and accurately report my company’s status to the ASX, but it is frustrating to find information to help me remain compliant.

My Role

  • Participate in design studios
  • Sketching
  • Create wireframes in Axure
  • Participate in planning poker
  • Collaborate with BAs, POs, PM, Visual Designer and Offshore Developers
  • Document and explain design rationale
  • Responsive design
  • Review of developer outputs


The research was already completed before I joined the team. There were personas stuck on the walls which I could refer to as I design. Key insights were also discussed in each design studio.


Searching for information to support administrative tasks is a core activity for those reporting within the stock market. Despite this, the existing search function was very poor and users resorted to using Google!

Uploading reports is key to remaining compliant – it is something they just have to do. However, users had trouble keeping track of when and what things were due leading to warnings. The upload experience was also confusing.

Communication from ASX was not a tailored experience, leading to information overload or people not bothering to look at publications.


Design studios were held at the beginning of each sprint. We had the user stories on the monitor for focus and relevant design patterns/examples stuck on the walls for inspiration.

Some focus areas we arrived at to support user goals

Get the taxonomy right - this is integral for producing findable/relevant search results. This taxonomy provides the foundation for direct keyword search as well as defining filters (useful if you don't know exactly what you were looking for).

To address information overload or get people more engaged in communications, allow them to customise what they receive based on interest areas.

Improve the form upload experience as it is a core activity. Ensure due dates are obvious and make it the upload experience less confusing through progressive disclosure.

Wireframes & Visual Design

Following the design studios, we created wireframes. Below are some samples for what I produced.

Note: I spoke a lot about search above as it was a key focus for the project. However, I did not include it here as it was primarily produced by my colleague.

Dashboard wireframe

Dashboard: a personalised experience

  • The dashboard contains tiles relevant to them based off settings in their profile. It is easy to access and provides 'just enough' information, improving engagement with users.
  • The notifications tile helps them stay compliant. They no longer needed to sift through a long list of due dates and get reminders based off their scope of responsibility.
  • The dashboard also provides an opportunity for the ASX to advertise.
Form visual Form wireframe

Report upload: a transparent and focused experience

UI enhancements included:

  • Progressive disclosure to help users remain focused and make the process less confusing
  • Inline form validation to make uploading reports faster and easier with instant feedback
  • Braching workflow so they can do everything on one page, making the process faster
  • Editable form table so they can quickly fix mistakes instead of doing it in Excel and reuploading